To register for a competition:

  1. Purchase a National Fly Fishing League Membership.
  2. Click on the links below to find information on the competitions you are interested in.
  3. Create an account with Flycomps.
  4. Sign up using Flycomps once the registration date has opened.

This is schedule is subject to change. We are already working on several other competitions and will update the list as more information becomes available.  We will link the competition below to Flycomps once the competition is posted by the event organizer.

2020 Calendar

March 2020

  • 3/8-Deep Freeze Spring Creek (Bronze) Tyrone, PA
  • 3/22-Deep Freeze Little Juniata River (Bronze) Tyrone, PA

April 2020

  • 4/19 Skaneateles Mini (Bronze) Syracuse, NY
  • 4/25-26 Little Juniata River / Canoe Creek Lake (Silver) Tyrone / Hollidaysburg, PA

May 2020

  • 5/30-31 CNY (Gold) Syracuse, NY (Cup Race)

June 2020

  • 6/13-14 CPA (Silver) Lamar, PA
  • 6/28 Nine Mile Mini (Bronze) Marcellus Falls, NY

July 2020

  • 7/18-19 Spring Creek Masters (Gold) State College, PA (Cup Race)

August 2019

  • 8/2 West Branch Delaware Mini (Bronze) Hancock, NY
  • 8/16 East Branch Clarion River Mini (Bronze) Johnsonburgh, PA

September 2019

  • 9/19-20 CPA (Gold) Lamar, PA (Cup Race)