Code of Conduct

Item 1.1 Membership with the National Fly Fishing League (NFFL) is a privilege. A NFFL member is any NFFL Affiliated Member, NFFL Team Member, NFFL Team Captain, and any person on the NFFL Leadership Committee. All NFFL members must agree to uphold the league Mission Statement and the Code of Conduct.

Item 1.2 While participating in any NFFL sanctioned activity or in those events where one is representing or could be perceived as representing NFFL, NFFL members shall observe the following provisions:
● NFFL members will respect other competitors, competition officials, volunteers, and
the fishing public.
● NFFL members will use courtesy and good manners and refrain from the use of
profane or abusive language.
● NFFL members will always conduct themselves as worthy representatives of the
United States of America and shall maintain high standards of moral and ethical
● NFFL members will respect and care for the fish, rivers, lakes, and all facilities
associated with a competition venue or event.
● NFFL members will abstain from any illegal or immoderate use of alcohol and use of
illegal or banned drugs.
● NFFL members agree to abide by anti-doping rules and procedures outlined by FIPSMouche in Article 40 of the official FIPS-Mouche Competition Rules.
● No NFFL member shall commit a criminal act.
● NFFL members are responsible for knowledge of and adherence to competition rules
and procedures as outlined by NFFL, an agent of NFFL, and FIPS-Mouche.

Item 1.3 Failure to comply with the provisions in Item 1.2 may lead to disciplinary action by the NFFL Leadership Committee. Disciplinary actions might include:
● Suspension from Regional or National competition without refund of entry fee.
● Forfeiture of NFFL membership fee without refund.
● Suspension or banning from becoming a NFFL member.
● Removal from a NFFL team.
● All rule violations must be reported to a member of the Leadership Committee as soon
as possible on the day of the alleged violation.

Item 1.4 Infractions that are related to competitions will have a two (2) placing point penalty given at the end of any competition for the following:
● Fishing in the wrong beat/boat or with the wrong angler in a boat. This only affects the angler(s) causing the infraction, not the angler(s) affected by the offending angler(s).
● Angling in water closed to fishing prior to or during the competition.
● Angler allowing a controller to “pocket control” or cross the river when not allowed.
● Disrespecting a controller or official.
● An angler being assisted by another person who acts on their behalf while waters are
closed or during a competition. Examples of this are, gaining information from another
person that fishes closed or competition waters, getting information from a person that watches other anglers during the competition, or any other assistance from an agent that gives an angler advantage.

Item 1.5 Infractions that occur during a competition will be reviewed by the competition jury. If verified, the appropriate disciplinary action and/or penalty(s) will be issued. Penalty points will be assessed prior to the final point totals and will count towards the anglers placing in the competition.

Item 1.6 Infractions that occur outside of a competition will be reviewed by the Team Captain and Leadership Committee. If verified, the appropriate disciplinary action will be issued.

Item 1.7 Persons that witness or have evidence of these infractions should report and provide documentation to the appropriate persons as outlined in Item 1.5 and 1.6. NFFL is committed to principles of fairness and all NFFL members are entitled to due process.

Credit: Our code of conduct is closely aligned to that of our partner league, Fly Fishing Team USA.