Sponsorship Tiers

NFFL is a nonprofit organization, and our sponsors serve as critical partners who make our efforts to promote competitive fly fishing and trout habitat conservation possible. Each sponsorship is treated as a corporate donation.

$1500 p/year Gold

Premium Placement + Sidebar

  • Annual sponsorship
  • Large greyscale logo on homepage
  • Large color logo on sponsors page
  • Large logo on league shirts (spring)
  • Logo on articles & event page sidebars
  • Limit of 6
Choose Gold

$500 p/year Silver

Additional Visibility

  • Annual sponsorship
  • Medium greyscale logo on homepage
  • Medium color logo on sponsors page
  • Medium logo on league shirts (spring)
  • Limit of 12
Choose Silver

$100 p/year Bronze

Entry Level

  • Name (Text) on homepage
  • Small Color logo on sponsors page
  • Brand Name on league shirts (spring)
  • Tax Deductible
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Our Sponsors

Frequent Questions
  • Is my sponsorship tax deductible
    Yes. We are a nonprofit organization and our sponsorship tiers are designed in a way that is compliant with treating your contribution as a tax-deductible donation.
  • Will my logo include a link
    <br/>Logos displayed on the sponsor page will include a link to your organization's homepage. Same goes for the Gold sponsor's logos displayed on the sidebar. Homepage logos will not be hyperlinked.